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October 12, 2015



          Traditionally, Columbus Day was celebrated everywhere as a national holiday with government offices and services closed. It was a day of national celebration  for Americans of Italian heritage as Columbus was Italian though he represented Spain in his explorations. I never knew of anyone who objected to it on any basis. But, as is said, that was then and this is now even though the government still closes it offices luxuriating in the bureaucratic tradition of never letting any holiday go to waste.

          Today, the newest grievance group, a motley tribe of American Indians, is weeping that Columbus was the cause of their being forced to move from tepees to gambling casinos and from the prairies, filled with buffalo, to cities filled with what is known only to Manitou.

          These redskins make me sick.

          At the time of Columbus, the age of the Explorers was in full sway in the world of white men. Indians were still hunting with bow and arrow and blacks with spears. Mexicans had yet to be invented. Africans were about the same they are today: hopeless everywhere they are found. We surely can return the Mexicans from whence they have invaded and any black who wishes can easily return to Africa. Indians have a problem in that nobody much knows or cares from where they came. They did nothing there and less here. They do know how to milk the taxpayers whining that we whites dispossessed them of their country.

          What country? A large place with few natives; no civilization and more warring tribes without permanence or coherence. In short, Indians were savages just as were the jungle blacks. If it weren't for whites, especially white men, both would still be savages without a country.

          What should be done? Those who like America, stay on and enjoy it. The complainers? Shut up, get a job and, if you don't like it, leave. There's nothing of you here and, honestly, nobody will miss a one of you.


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