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October 10, 2015



          The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a totally and intentionally secret trade agreement among a dozen countries. It was finalized just this week but, aside from a handful of drafters, nobody, including Senators or Congressmen, knows what the bill says or to what it commits the United States. Too, none know what benefit, if any, the USA receives. The utmost in secrecy has been imposed from the top down in this, the supposed land of the free.

          One wonders why such secrecy? Why may no elected officials of the people read, argue and improve this trade treaty? Why may only the easily and regularly outsmarted Obama and his minions have access to this information which will affect all of us as citizens? It cannot be because it is such a great deal that our collective joy would make the other countries back off.

          The obvious answer is the lying Muslim in the White House continues to give away the store so as to continue his plan to fundamentally transform America and make it easier for his fellow Muslims to take over this country.

          If you haven't yet figured out that is his transformation's objective, I've just told you. The lying Muslim and his wife hate America, always have and have said so in so many words. They want to change it into a Muslim country. They have a long view but a view nonetheless and that is what it is. Only that explains the way he conducts himself. Everything he says and does is calculated to divide and weaken our country, to set one group of us against another group. This agreement is designed to destroy our economy. Wait until it finally seeps out.

          I have told you so - again. We have a traitor as our president.


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