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October 6, 2015


          This afternoon's news offers more from ISIS. This time, after savagely beating a 12-year old boy, they crucified him along with his preacher father for the sin of not renouncing their Christian faith. This is reminiscent of the Oregon shooter who selected as his targets the self-identifying Christians in the classrooms.

           I think it is time to turn the other cheek and for Christians to rise up and smite these devils from wherever the come. Law enforcement can't be everywhere all the time and, while offense is a better defense than defense, being prepared and on guard is far better than submission.

           Time to buy a gun, plenty of ammo and target practice. I'll get my carry permits later but I want one for the office and one at home against the inevitable time when evil arrives.

           I may not survive but I will be damned if I just let it happen to me, my family, friends or neighbors. It is time for Americans to rise again and simply kill the black hats. They deserve it. It's as simple as building a wall.

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