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Dr. Carson; Candidate

October 2, 2015




          Far from flamboyant, infused with sound intelligence, common sense and a principled Christianity, Ben Carson is a solid candidate for almost any office. Whether he is a really good presidential candidate is a separate question that I'm not yet ready to answer. Why?

          Carson's major drawback is that his experience is limited in its scope and variables. I have no doubt that dealing in life and death is many things but none of them seems to be being able to size up people anchored problems such as dealing with congress-critters, Putin, the Mullahs and other assorted egomaniac who roam and would control the world. Trump has that experience at the highest level of any of the Republican candidates. Fiorina has plenty of it too but at a lower level and within the more compact and controlled corporate environment. Any of them is head and shoulders above the current Muslim moron who is loosing the whirlwind on the world by abdicating America's leadership role.

          The question remains for Dr. Carson to show a strategic grasp of the world as he can't present an empirical understanding of the way it works. He is clearly a guy you would like to have call you friend but it is an open question as to whether he should be called Mr. President. I hope he comes through as he should be in our country's leadership even if not POTUS. 

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