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September 23, 2015


          Taqiyya is a practice of Islam which permits Muslims to lie to their enemies, such as American or European infidels, when their lies are considered to be advancing the cause of Islam. They will swear on Bibles, make the sign of the Cross and lie to anyone about anything as it is all in the name of Allah which mental reservation they hold internally. Allah's ends justify any means even something such as attending Christian church services. Are you listening Rev. Wright?

          A child born to an Islamic father is a Muslim as the child of a Jewish mother a Jew. Hussein was not only born to a Muslim father, he was raised in an Islamic household, in a Muslim environment and country while attending Muslim elementary school. We also know he lies with regularity as in: You can keep your doctor if you want and he is, of course, a politician.

          Is it any wonder then why such a person would want to fundamentally transform the United States if he had the opportunity? And why is anyone surprised when he releases Muslim terrorist prisoners from Gitmo and sucks up to the Muslim Mullahs of Iran?


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