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September 20, 2015

        As you may know from previous posts, I believe Hussein Obama is a Muslim. There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim but there much wrong with Hussein's lying which is an endemic trait with him. Remember "You can keep your doctor"? And that's just the easy one.

Our MSM hacks are now salivating as a result of Trump not denying a questioner's comments about Hussein's Muslimism or his birthplace. These wolves demand that Trump should have vociferously objected to the premises of the question and stated his denials.


The MSM failed to register any complaint when Mrs. Clinton was interviewed by George Rodham-Stephanopoulos who asked her the same question which she answered by saying that there was no evidence on that, at least "As far as I know." Mrs. Clinton is ever the lawyer isn't she? She casts her doubts without accountability, leaving it to Hussein to prove the points.

Hussein himself has written that he was born in Kenya and has told an interviewer of "...my Muslim faith." The helpful interviewer said you mean your Christian faith and Hussein quickly recovered his false narrative, alleged he mis-spoke and said Christian faith. Do you buy that? It is impossible to mis-speak on that point. As a lifelong Christian, I could never mis-speak about my Jewish or Muslim faith. Never. Neither could you. Such things are not possible or believable.

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