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September 17, 2015      


         We've been hacked by ransomware hackers and have lost our notes, plans, pictures and research thus we've been off the air for a week.

Ransomware, which I'd never heard of before, occurs when hackers seize control of your computer, encrypt all its files with some secret code of their own thus rendering it useless to you. They allege they will return it to normal if you pay them a ransom. Maybe they would, but maybe not and, meanwhile, they have your money. I refused to pay and am working my way through the problem they created.

Fortunately, I had two machines, one of which is my "work" machine, the other was my "back-up" and internet surfing machine. The latter machine was hacked. I've bought some external hard drives which will be attached one to each machine so that, overnight, each machine will have a mirror image copied to its respective external hard drive back-up. That way, I can essentially wipe any machine's internal drive clean and restore it to yesterday's close of business condition from the external hard drive. Tedious yes but, I think, secure.

I think the death penalty is about right for hackers but that the methodology should be ISIS style, slow and painful.

As MacArthur said: "I shall return."


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