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February 26, 2014



          Most polls show Americans to be fairly conservative. Surely there is no radical liberalism in the majority of people or voters. The question thus arises: How do we have so many liberal laws? I think it reflects the lack of a real, conservative political organization plus the many lifetime liberal politicians and their willingness to incrementally move toward their objectives. Surely the Republican party is not a conservative political organization to the same extent that the Democrats are a liberal political organization.


        Democrats have few, if any, conservatives in their ranks anymore. There are no more Blue Dog Democrats. Republicans have many elected officials who share one or more liberal views. Think gay marriage, immigration, debt limits or voter ID for such issues. Liberal politicians move as a Roman phalanx: together, slowly perhaps, but always together and in the same direction. They are always on message. Conservative politicians march to their own drummer, seldom together and in varying directions. The effect of this differential is the incremental implementation of liberalism within the laws of our land and the slowly slipping away of your liberty and mine.

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