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September 1, 2015


          There are tens, if not hundreds, of millions of brown and black people in this world who have, are in the process of or who are planning to emigrate from their vibrant, colorful brown and black home countries into some foreign country, all of which have the same characteristic: they are not brown or black. To put it another way, all the receiving countries are white countries. Even Pope Dope was smart enough to get out of brown Argentina and into white Italy.

           Of course, progs like Francisco will say the proposition just stated is racist, nativist and xenophobic. Tough. But it is also one of those stubborn things that gets in the progressive way: it is a fact; it is 100% true. All you have to do is notice. Nobody emigrates to Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Iran or Palestine. Where do they go? The despised USA with its nativist, racist white people and its crushing capitalist economic system and its Constitutional Republic. The other destinations are anyplace in Europe, preferably in the blond, blue-eyed North; then Australia, Canada or New Zealand if they can get there.

          Notice the pattern? Not a single brown or black country in the lot. Why? Because the truth is that browns and blacks do not know how to organize and run a country as well as whites; it's not even a close call. Simple isn't it? And self-evidently, obviously true. The world votes with its feet. If the browns or blacks could, they would but they can't so they come to us nativists, call us racists or worse then beg us to support them so they may continue to call us names.

            You don't like Americans who love their country the way it is and don't want it to look like a brown or black country? Okay; then stay out. You are not welcome. Stay home and rot in your vibrant, turd-world culture and we will return to you all your unassimilated countrymen. And while you're at it, take Pope Dope back with you.

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