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August 28, 2015



         Running the country is what we elect a president to do. You might think that running something would be a reasonable prerequisite for becoming president but not necessarily. Our incumbent never ran anything and it shows. Most of the candidates are the same. Lawyers seldom manage much in the way of people, budgets or projects of size and most candidates arise from lawyer stock. Ms. Fiorina, Bush and Trump are experienced in running things and should be able to manage the country though Bush has failed to articulate a point of view on much other than he and his wife love Mexicans and they think we should as well. I agree; I love all those Mexicans especially those few left in Mexico.

        Peter Drucker, a respected management writer and professor, wrote in his seminal book: "The Practice of Management" that a key factor of management was knowing the nature of your business and keeping its key points in constant focus. Trump has the knack of telling you what he wants to do and in understandable language which is why he sells so well. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that he would build the damn wall and fast too. He's not securing the border: he's building the wall and that will do it. Most people believe that. It works where tried; ask the Palestinians.

          Over the course of the campaign, I suspect we will have more of these straight-forward objectives. He did say today that Americans are tired of being patsies. Implicit therein is that Trump is no easy mark for the Mullahs, Putin or anybody. Well said too; everybody understands the language. People believe in what Trump articulates and that he will do exactly that if elected. That, dear reader, is more than and better than running the country well. It is known as leadership. And when the president is accepted as the leader, we will all go with him. Listen to the Mitch McConnells of the political world. Would you follow him? Neither would I.

          Together, leadership and running the country well is what we all want and Trump is the best at identifying his objectives and in making people believe he knows how to get them done. And so he leads in the polls as well. Few others have that skill set which is why he has a very good shot at going all the way.

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