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August 24, 2015


          It is not arguable that Ronald Reagan knew how to make a deal. Ask Gorbachev. It is also not arguable that Donald Trump can make deals as well. He's been doing it all of his adult life and has the big bucks to show for it. Whether Trump can make political deals is an open question as he's not done that as an elected official but one would have a hard time explaining why there is no carry-over from the business sphere to the political world. To date, Mr. Trump has demonstrated he knows how to size up a body politic and analyze it to his advantage. Sounds like a deal to me.

          Hussein doesn't seem to have the dealmaking knack even though he sized up the 2008/2012 electorate well: get 95% of the black vote and you win turned out to be exactly right, especially with the whitebread offered in opposition either time. The Mullahs are another breed however and it appears he and Kerry got snookered. That, at least, is the judgment of leading democrats such as Schumer in New York and more and more democrat politicos each day. Mostly, Hussein ignored Ron's dictum: Trust but verify. Nobody trusts a Persian much anyway but Hussein doesn't pay attention to other people as he gazes lovingly at the mirror.

          Our "citizen of the world" president is already planning his post-presidential preening with the usual library and doubtless well-paid appearances over a lifetime admiring his legacy. He should have listened to that fellow Chicagoan, Mr. Dooley, on the latter's art of a deal: Trust everybody, but cut the cards.

          Trump would appreciate that: Ron was a bit more pithy but Hussein has not a clue and got rolled. Worse, he not only doesn't know it, he doesn't care.

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