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August 20, 2015



          Since the illegal alien issue is front and center and since there are those who see no problem with illegal aliens in the US, let's look at open borders as a progressive does, perhaps as Pope Dope does: open for all. His home country, Argentina, does have open borders but is not inundated with millions as Argentina is not much of a country just as Francis is not much of a pope. Let us imagine that Hussein Obama declares America to have open borders and that all who wish may simply show up, enter and get a green card without difficulty. What would be the likely results?

          First, of course, there would be a mass movement from the South as millions of South Americans, Central Americans and Mexicans would walk in. How many? Quien sabe? But clearly, multiple millions. From my personal experience, I believe 20 or so million Philippine Islanders would show up too. There are 100 million of them there and virtually all I've met or spoken with would come here in a trice. Millions more from India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East would appear on our doorstep. Who else? Tens of millions of Africans that's who; tens of millions of their endless billions of black souls.

          Old troop ships, cargo vessels and anything that floats and could make an ocean voyage would be refitted to handle the enormous influx of open border beneficiaries. Cargo planes would become people transports and every which way of passage would be snowed under with migrants.

          Cui bono? Not many current Americans. Those who are in the immigration business, such as the Catholic Bishops and other church groups, immigration rabble-rousers, those who benefit from cheap labor and those who bank on immigrant votes. Most of us would suffer from the incoming horde which would inundate our communities, schools, culture and land.

          And what would result from all that? A non-white America and Canada too, both of which would degenerate into some hybrid of the third world, black-brown cultures the invaders would carry with them. White people? Australia? New Zealand? There are no other places left. 

          Cui bono mox? Nemo

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