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August 17, 2015



       Today, it was a wonderful treat to read Donald Trump's statement on his program for dealing with illegal aliens. To read it, please click https://www.donaldjtrump.com/positions/immigration-reform  and enjoy.

        It is about time an important American politician stood up and said what most Americans really think about what to do with illegal aliens. If anything will put The Donald into the White House, this will. If it doesn't, we are doomed.

        This, and only this, is The National Question. As Trump writes, without this approach, we are not a nation. Nothing less than this program is enough.

        Later today and in the next few days, we will hear the fury of the traitor class; those who have and who intend to continue their plans to sell Americans down the Rio Grande. Trump wants to ship illegal aliens back to whatever country they came from and pronto. The famous political philosopher, Sonny Bono, once commented about illegal aliens: They're illegal aren't they?. Yes; they are and they have no right to anything but hostility from America and Americans. By their intentional, criminal conduct, repeated millions of times by the millions of illegals, illegal aliens and their complicit home countries, like Mexico, daily demonstrate their total disrespect of America and Americans as being sin cojones. It is more than enough time for us to stand up and speak out firmly and loudly about the National Question. I am sick of them and their disrespect for you, me and our country.

         I am with Trump. Only he is speaking for me and you if you're an American. That is particularly true if you're an Afro- American as the jobs illegals take are mostly jobs that are taken from you. It is food from your table and money from your pocket that they come for and are encouraged to receive from the traitor class of cheap labor advocates.

          I am sending this message to all those Republican panty-waists selling amnesty: NO MAS! Watch that third party rise if you don't.

        And, as a Catholic, I am especially sending my message to all those pusillanimous Catholic bishops, particularly the Mexican bishop in Los Angeles and the Bishop of Rome:

         Adios, Amigos.


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