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August 14, 2015



       A couple of months ago a story was making the rounds of one Amy Murphy, dean of students at Texas Tech, declaring that due process had a chilling effect on an accuser's ability to accuse someone of sexual assault. Apparently, the school's administration forbids an accused from having another person ask questions of the accuser and, of course, no cross-examination is permitted. According to Murphy, the school already has the necessary information thus students need not even participate in the hearings. Murphy has no interest in creating an adversarial atmosphere. The accused merely sits there and takes whatever Murphy dishes out. 

       A kangaroo court if ever there was one.

       It is more than difficult to understand a supposedly intelligent person developing a program like that. All the smooth words in the world will not keep most of us from scratching our heads and wondering how could this ever got off the ground much less became school policy.

      Some enterprising law student ought to accuse Amy Murphy of sexual abuse and see if the process is imposed on her. Somehow, I'll bet that it only applies to hapless, male students. The faculty will lawyer up, paid for of course by those who pay the tuition and Murphy's salary.

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