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August 11, 2015



       "Trust but verify" said a very successful President while negotiating with one of the other superpowers of the world. Reagan was negotiating the end of the Cold War with Gorbachev and, while there was an imbalance of power between them, each could wreak havoc upon the other. We know how that turned out.

        Today we are faced with a semi-secret `deal' with Iran, a country which, currently, can do little to no harm to the United States. Nonetheless, Obama, the traitor in the White House, John Kerry, the Viet Nam war-hero at the State Department and several non-entities employed by us taxpayers have concocted a deal with the Iranian Mullahs which leans totally toward Iran with nothing in it for America and even less for its allies. It is a give-away from one Muslim to another. Iran gets trade sanctions lifted, $150 billion in frozen assets, the right to buy nuclear material and no inspections with a penalty for failure to abide by their promises. We get promises from people who say regularly and publicly they hate us and our allies concurrent with our giving them what they desperately want.

       Some democrats are fighting back, including New York's Senator Charles Schumer. There will be others to be sure. Personally, Congress should grow a pair and defeat this Obama-Kerry catastrophe. I am optimistic the deal will founder but one must wonder what else awaits as Obama enters into the last segment of his power when he has nothing to lose and cares even less for our country than when he promised to fundamentally transform it seven years ago.


His has earned his place as our worst president.

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