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August 4, 2015



     Pundits occasionally cite that "When Democrats win, they are in power. When Republicans win, they are in office." I don't know  the author but the phrase encapsulates the major difference between the parties elected officials who, correctly, perceive the right to govern is consonant with the exercise of the powers of their office. Obama literally defies the Constitution, Congress and conventional niceties. He just acts. Early on in his presidency he said: "I won didn't I?" when asked how he could take some action. Republicans never do that. Never. In my view, that explains much about Donald Trump. Many Americans believe the Republicans, at least the current establishment, are seriously deficient in the cojones department as Columba might say.

     People see Trump pretty well. They know many of his alleged negatives but they don't care as they perceive his willingness to tell opponents to go to hell and more as a quality lacking in the mealy-mouths such as McConnell and Boehner. I think too that McCain is damaged goods; he's beyond repair, just another civil service pensioner hanging on. He's a loser and to a cipher at that. Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz are more like Trump but with a more conventional style. I see nothing similar in the rest of the Republican hopefuls.

     Some prior Republicans knew how to exercise the power of their office. Eisenhower was a master at it. He told the U.K. where and what to do and they did it. The current crop is useless and there is no retraining them in this, their political dotage.

     As always, vacuums are filled and that is what Trump is doing. His style is off-putting to the tender, panty-waists populating the Republican establishment but real people understand power and that Trump is not afraid to use it. That is what they want: their side is owed some wins but they know none will come from the present bunch. Time for a leader; no more wimps. The wimps are being fired and a real Boss is being hired. That's why Trump is winning.

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