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August 1, 2015



       The lefties are often atwitter about the Jim Crow aspect of having voters identify themselves before exercising their civil right. It is usually argued that having to obtain a proper ID is too difficult for minorities which seems at odds with the panoply of benefits our nation receives from its non-white citizens. Were I diverse, it would seem insulting to hear that I and my fellow diversives weren't smart enough to get an ID when we sure knew how to apply for and receive our EBT card.

        My 10-year old starts 5th grade later this month and, even though it's the local public school system, each year parents must re-register their child with the morons at the school district's main office. This registration requires multiple proofs of residency, some initial, on-line verification and a personal appearance, along with the thousands of other parents, at the district's offices. A photo ID is required just to get inside the door. There are mucho diversive students, most with at least two diversive parents, not one of whom is calling this process a return to Jim Crow.

       Seems like Jim Crow to me though. Photo ID; proofs of residency plus the added fillip of on-line registry. And this is for elementary school. What if a parent has no computer with which to go on-line? Or is disabled perhaps? All the arguments made against voter ID are applicable here but nobody even thinks about it once, much less twice.


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