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July 31, 2015


      Mr. Trump is the well-known phenomenon of the 2016 Presidential campaign. He is disliked by the cadre of elected Republican officials termed the "Establishment". He is snottily and sarcastically demeaned by media types of all persuasions. He is termed a know-nothing, a bully, a braggart, a business bankrupter, a narcissist, not a real Republican, not even a true conservative as he has changed his position on major issues and more and over and over again. Trump is probably more vilified than Nixon.

      He is also leading the fragmented Republican field, a reality his critics resent both for personal and professional reasons.

     One reasonable objection to Trump is his lack of elected office experience. Dr. Carson shares that supposed deficiency but criticism of Carson is muted whenever uttered. One reason is that he's black. Carly Fiorina has never been elected to anything either; she even lost her one prior race to that non-entity Barbara Boxer. When this point is raised about Fiorina, it, too, is muted. Of course, Fiorina is female.

    I never knew lack of prior office to be a reason not to run for president. It isn't in the Constitution unless Anthony Kennedy has found it in the bowels of the 14th Amendment or John Roberts has redefined words again. Any natural-born citizen of a certain age is eligible to run for President. I could run and, probably, so could most of you readers. But the snarkers and the political class want their club limited to their own kind. They are lobbyists for themselves.

     They also recognize, internally, that The Donald has found them out. Almost to a man or woman, a significant portion of Americans is disgusted with most incumbents and the entire notion of professional politicians, people whose profession they define as the right to tell other people what to do, how to live their daily lives, with whom they must associate and how they must think, speak and act.

     The Donald tells THEM what WE think of the political class which is not used to hearing criticism from the great unwashed.

     And that is the subtle charm of The Donald.


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