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July 27, 2015



     The number of illegal Mexican aliens in the United States is unknown. For years the number "...around 11 million" has been bandied about but that has to be wrong and on the low side. The government, which has and continues to lie about every aspect of the illegal Mexican alien question may have good numbers but refuses to acknowledge, much less release them. The La Raza traitor-types, including the entire Bush family, the Wall Street Journal and other Republican elites surely know the number is more like 30 million than 11 million. But, no matter what the number, it is undisputed that it is only Mexican illegal aliens of whom we speak and about whom their promoters care. As I've written, nobody much cares about Filipinos, illegal or otherwise. Just "the Mexicans" which, somehow, includes other Latins.

     That hard, cold and stubborn fact tells much. First, the arguments of diversity and multi-culturalism clearly are inapplicable to millions and millions more Mexicans as Mexicans are already far over-represented in the United States. We need more Swedes; more Aussies; more Greeks. To leaven the United States' white and black population, we need immigrant input from everywhere not just Mexico. 30 million more Mexicans will do nothing to create diversity or multi-culturalism. It will actually and obviously do exactly the opposite, keeping us in the mode of having a few large, mono-racial blocs of unassimilables.

     One wonders why there is this outpouring of support for illegal aliens who sneak over our borders and then, often, live parasitically on legal aliens and citizens. It can't be personal friendship as the elites avoid the illegals at all costs. Jeb and Columba Bush avoid them like the plague. So do the other Bushes, as do all the swells whether in Malibu or Manhattan. Even the race-hustlers, such as the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund and La Raza, aren't buddy-buddy with the illegals except for protests and rallies. It can't be that these folks love Mexico. Nobody has ever proffered that as a reason. And it surely is not what good things illegals bring to the US. They bring little to nothing of value which America needs. We have a sufficiently large underclass and need no more of it.

     Oft offered reasons are, of course, cheap labor and democrat party voters. They must be true as nothing else fits. It amazes me that serious media, such as The Wall Street Journal, has been pushing hard forever for the illegals. That has to be because its advertisers insist on that editorial policy or there will be no more advertising in the Journal. All the billionaires seem behind them, except one. The hotel and farmer moguls like cheap labor for cleaning rooms and picking whatever they grow.

     It is a given that blacks and Mexicans do not get along well as they compete for the same jobs and space. In LA, the Mexicans have been "gentrifying" the famous South Central neighborhood and other formerly black areas. Nothing good can come from those large populations banging up against each other.

     Our political and donor class are as oblivious to the problem as the white people of Vermont cannot see any black problems as nearly no blacks live in Vermont. They live within bubbles of security, thus neither see nor hear any outside noise. Methinks the bubbles are about to burst and they will be forced to do more that endlessly palaver. They see this too which is one more reason they dislike The Donald.

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