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July 20, 2015



       Many, including myself, have called the President "Lefty" or worse. In truth, though, he is a lefty, just as was President George Bush, the Elder. See below for Obama. Lefty has been signing plenty of things recently among which are commutations of drug-dealer's sentences most of whom are black as Lefty Obama pretends to be. As usual, Obama cannot resist his usual racist taunts at America and its white citizens claiming that this disproportion of black prisoners is reflective of white racism within the criminal injustice system.



       Again, and as usual, Lefty is lying. The reason dear Mr. President is that black people are more criminal than other races just as you are more of a liar than other presidents. You are good at it but you're still a liar. For example, you're not even black. You are half-white. Or have you forgotten your lily-white Mother? Or are you lying about that too?



          Tell me again Lefty. You're black? Your lying; you're not.


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