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 July 14, 2015


     My newest whipping boy is Francis, whom I've dubbed Pope Dope. Many dislike that nickname but Foolish Frank is too personal so I shall continue.

       Recall that among the Dope's diatribes against the US was our allegedly inhumane treatment of illegal aliens. The Dope failed to note that illegal kids receive free school and all receive free health care, food, housing and, often, cash from the pockets of legal residents aka Americans and immigrants. An immigrant, by definition, is a non-citizen who is resident in a country pursuant to its process.

       I wonder what a family might expect if it decided to move into and live in Vatican City? I can guarantee you that if it were anything, it would be brief and little. Most likely they would be offered a ride out with the way pointed by Swiss Guard spear-tips and, of course, assurances of prayers for their well-being offered as Pope Dope washes the feet of the children for the cameras of the media suckers.

       And if there were a thousand such families? It would be interesting to see how and to where they would be shunted off. Greece perhaps? Surely the USA would not be acceptable as it is so inhumane.

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