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July 14, 2015


       Ms. Seregi is an art director for the Washington Post magazine who recently authored an article describing her being physically attacked on the Washington D.C. Metro by two "girls" and that no other passengers came to her assistance. One woman did say something to the "girls" but was chased away.

      Strangely, Ms. Seregi's article doesn't say whether the "girls" were small, large or almost anything about them. She ruminates at length about how people failed to aid a man who was recently stabbed to death on the Metro where, again, no other passengers came to his assistance.

       Of course, Ms. Seregi doesn't have to actually tell the reader anything as her silence tells the story. We know their race for sure: Asians, probably slender too as most Asian females are. It's well known that Asian women are aggressive, hostile to non-Asians and enjoy intimidating others.

       Since everybody knows that about Asian women, one wonders for what pure reason Ms. Seregi doesn't just come flat out and say it? What possible reason could she have for keeping that fact from her readers? We also don't if Ms. Seregi is Asian as well. That might account for her reticence but, maybe not.

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