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July 10, 2015


       It is unlikely that you have ever heard of Archbishop Wesolowski but he is one of those Catholic priests standing accused of sexual depredations. In this case, this Polish priest would engage young boys as prostitutes for his personal kicks. Sounds like exactly the type of guy you would like to hang by his scrotum and let dangle in a public square for all to see.

      The Vatican had arranged a show trial of Wesolowski replete with outside legal assistance and some pomp in Italy where this show was to go on the road. However, a couple of days before the trial was to begin, Wesolowski was hospitalized, placed in intensive care and, of course, was incapable of standing trial. Surprisingly, the article I read failed to state what the illness was. Accordingly, the trial court continued the case indefinitely until the accused was once again ready to defend himself.

       When will that be? God only knows and He's not talking, at least to me. Down the memory hole will go the case of the unfortunate Wesolowski, never to be heard of again.

        How convenient for the Vatican as well. God really does help those who help themselves. But then, who am I to judge?

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