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July 4, 2015


       It is 239 years since the first Independence Day, the day on which the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence simultaneously proclaiming the birth of a new nation: the thirteen united States of America. Those old, white men stood up and pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the causes of liberty which Jefferson so eloquently authored.

       Today, we have the pusillanimous Obama, the feckless McConnell and Boehner as leaders of our government's executive and legislative branches. These are not men of principle. They are men of the moment; existentialists who, for example, loved and defended traditional marriage until the benefits of infidelity to tradition were too tempting. The executive avoids the inconvenience of the Constitution whenever it suits him and is not challenged by the people's representatives.

       Those offered as executive choices for tomorrow include a serial liar, a socialist and a lily-livered governor on one side and, on the other, are endless opportunists, untested citizens and one whose claim is his name for without that, he is gossamer. None much stirs the soul: all toil in the pot of emotions. Those who criticize provide nothing better.

       All extol our democracy, something we are not as we are a republic as long as we can keep it. None appeals to the spirit of the Declaration, of our citizenry or our Creator. They wallow in safe, tested themes presented by obscure courtiers for such is the way of politicians. Leaders need none of that. Of leaders. we have few, if any. Where is our Washington? Lincoln? FDR? Reagan? Who today pledges his sacred honor? Who has any?

       Look about and despair as today there are none.

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