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July 2, 2015


       By now, other than low-information types, all are aware of Donald Trump's comments about Mexicans. There has been a rash of comments, some of which I have repeated here with Spectrum's opinion of the speaker's words.

       Rick Perry said:

       I don't think Donald Trump's remarks reflect the view of the Republican Party.

       Spectrum says:

       You are right which is too bad and one reason why the Republican party loses national elections its candidates should have won.

       Marco Rubio said the next president:

needs to be someone who brings Americans together not someone who continues to divide.

       Spectrum says:

       We agree but most Mexicans are not Americans so we don't really care what they think so long as they return to their Holy Land of Mexico - and stay there. Mexico is a miserable place to live and that's why millions of Mexicans do almost anything to leave it. If you're a Mexican Willie Sutton, the reason is even more obvious which, of course, supports Trump's theory that we receive Mexican criminals in droves.

       For some unspoken reason, these illegal alien supporters have no empathy for the millions around the world who are trying to immigrate to America, many of whom are brown or black. It is only the illegal alien Mexicans who command their sympathy and support. Invariably, these supporters are of Mexican heritage, cheap-labor business people or slime-ball politicians whose donors or wives are Mexican or have financial interests in cheap labor. They couldn't care less about a brown family from the Philippine Islands for example. Have you ever heard them support such immigrants? Or, perhaps, taking in poor Irish, Greeks or French? They don't even mention Canadians who abound, speak English better than we as a group and who live beyond of a border even longer than that between the USA and Mexico.


       If you truly want diversity and multi-culturalism, why would you want to have 40 million Mexicans when we could have some representation of all the world's countries? 

Spectrum says :

       Because the illegal alien lovers have a different axe to grind from that which they show you. All their chatter about what illegal Mexicans bring to America is false. It is about what 40 million Mexicans bring to them.

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