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June 22, 2015



       The Confederate flag has absolutely no place in American life under any circumstance which honors it or the causes which it represents. What it stood for was the evil treatment of human beings and for political ideas treasonous to the concept of our United States. No American should stomach that disgraceful symbol or countenance any person who supports it in any way.

       Gone with the Wind was romantic fiction; a glorified story of people who did not exist. The old movies of Southern honor and glory were sheer Hollywood, created by the folks who pushed the narrative of the noble savage, courageous homesteaders and that cattlemen were innately superior to sheepherders. It was baloney as is the notion of glory or honor in the Confederacy. Confederates were traitors, not patriots. 

       Any American, especially a political candidate or office holder, should be drummed out of office into remote obscurity for support of that symbol on a current state flag, license plate or school house. It is not a state issue as some have said. It is an American issue and the answer is blindingly clear. The Confederate Flag is the swastika of the rebel South and must be banished forever from these United States.

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