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June 18, 2015


          His alleged Holiness is a communist. Raised among the failed political and economic ideologies of Argentina and nurtured in the communist style organization of the Church, Francis has swallowed the Party line in toto. His rant on climate is a perfect example of his Marxist view of everything about which he knows little to nothing. Hence, his Dopiness is in full view for all to consider.

          As in his prior rants, the Argentinean's solution for each secular problem he discusses, whether on climate, immigration or poverty, turns out to be the same: the capitalist rich are always exploiting the unlucky poor; the world's browns and blacks should be welcomed with open arms sans restrictions; world authorities should right any injustice he identifies. The rich bad guys invariably includes the United States and Western nations in general; the poor always include his fellow latins plus Africans and his authorities usually take the form of some United Nations commission or similar sub-set, so operated that Argentina's vote is equal to that of the United States. That is a classic case of the inmates running the asylum. "They have failed, therefore they must lead." That's Pope Dope.

          His end-of-the-world prediction, conveniently scheduled at the end of the century when no present adult will be alive to remember his Dopiness, is typical demagoguery. Remember Paul Erlich's book predicting we'd all starve to death? The Population Bomb was published in 1968, nearly 50 years ago. Dead wrong. How about California's governor, Jerry Brown and small is beautiful, the era of limits et al? Dead wrong. New York City was to be underwater in 2015 according to one major news media. Dead wrong.

          Francis never offers credit to the West or America for the good it and capitalism have done in helping raise much of the world up from its prior poverty. Even China permits its own version of capitalism which has clearly worked well. It is a fact that countries populated by, controlled by and religiously like the Pope which are among the world's worst countries to live. Who immigrates to Argentina Francis? You could have stayed there but did not. Where are all those immigrants of whom you speak headed? They are headed from Africa and Latin America to Europe and the U.S. And all the world, even you, well knows that undisputed fact. Nobody risks life or limb to immigrate into any South American, Asian or African country; not a bloody one. If you disagree, name one. Try it. If you have a better economic theory than capitalism, name it and show us its fruits in some country; any country. You cannot  as there is no such place.


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