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June 12, 2015


          It is embarrassing to read the newspapers and watch television so I don't. I read the Internet for my daily doses of data and nothing else anymore. I also ignore all social media as it is mostly the self-enthralled seeking to prove their worth. That said, there are some "stories" which are, frankly, beyond reasonable comprehension. Among these is the story of that sicko who alleges, after a full lifetime of being male, of being female. Some pundits twist themselves into grammatical knots trying to determine whether "he" or "she"; "his" or "hers" is the appropriate personal pronoun. In this space, the operating pronoun shall be "it".

          Then we have an idiot female, born caucasian, but passing herself off as black, teaching some sort of dumb black studies courses at a no-name college in Podunk. But she has the title of president of her local NAACP chapter which gives credence to the charge of low cognitive ability to that group's members. Imagine! A woman passing herself off as a member of some other race! Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Wickiup woman, who made mucho wampum flipping houses, ought to take note.

          Then, just to make sure white boys are included, there's Bernie Sanders, the Marxist Senator from someplace in New England. He wants to put the U.S. on the metric system. He, as other elitists, whine that the metric approach is universal save for us and far superior, especially for engineering and scientific work. Perhaps, but as another pundit wrote, there are two kinds of countries in this world: Those which use the metric system and one which has walked on the moon.

          Finally, we have my new hero, Pope Dope, who is about to present the world with his blessings of global warming and how the world should change it ways accordingly. That from the leader of a group which is losing its faithful as adherents of ISIS grow dramatically. Plus, the ISIS faithful willingly die for their beliefs; they prove that every day too. Few Catholics would do that anymore. But it's easier for Pope Dope to get the accolades of his fellow progressive Marxists than to speak about dying for the teachings of Jesus. None of those sleek, corpulent Bishops would choose Jesus. Of that, you can be sure.

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