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June 9, 2015



 The secret trade bill is now being rushed to a congressional vote. There are multiple issues with this proposed legislation some of which are:

  1. Many congress-critters have publicly admitted they haven't read the bill; how can they take their paycheck without doing their most basic job?


  2. Virtually none of the bill's terms has been made public;


  3. The bill's chief promoter, Hussein Obama, is a known liar as in you may keep your plan and doctor if you wish;


  4. Citizens are supposed to know what the representatives are considering so their reaction may be made known to those politicians but here, none of us knows anything;


  5. Republicans always get rolled on these kinds of deals as in if it turns out well, Obama and his party get the credit but if it is a flop, the media blames the Republicans;


  6. Republican "leaders", an evident oxymoron, should never, repeat never, give Obama anything he wants unless there is a war, terror or other tragic event. Democrats give Republicans lots of lip and the back of their hand. Never credit.


  How can one be "for" or "against" that which is purposefully kept unknown by this, the most transparent administration in history? (Another Obama lie omitted above.) You can't and that's what Obama wants. Congress, meanwhile, is abdicating it duty by giving it to him without debate and discussion for Americans to think over and make their opinions known.


  Donald Trump is right. None of these D.C. dudes can make a real deal for America. When the terms of Fastrack become known, you will see we have again been screwed over by the politicians of both parties.


  Stay tuned.


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