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June 4, 2015


          If Francis can marry Benedict and Hillary can marry Monica, why can't Francis marry Hillary and Monica? Who are we to judge? (Isn't that a most felicitous phrase, especially considering its source?)

         While not yet a burning question on the progressive agendas, the multi-marriage question is more frequently raised than ever before. The moral crowd has tons of reasons, including national health, for the evils of multiple husbands or wives but they alleged similar unpersuasive rationales against homosexual marriage. At the upper financial levels, it is done all the time usually de facto, not de jure. The royals, dictators and Ghengis Khan types have exercised their power prerogatives forever. Surely, seraglios and harems exist throughout today's world as well. No one seriously doubts that.

         As is often the case, that which the elite enjoy is verboten for the average Jane or Jose as multiple partners has always been too expensive and carried with it the stigma of moral approbation. Now, with the gays and lesbians in full marital flower, how can anyone who approves of gay marriage be so intolerant as to condemn the reasonableness of poly-marriages? How can any law approving gay marriage be so under-inclusive as to exclude those folks who just happen to have multiple loves? One argument was that polygamy reduced the number of women available for marriage to men. So does lesbian marriage. Shall it be declared illegal then?

         Sodomy, the sexual apex of gay marriage, was once illegal in the U.S and almost world-wide. Not any more. Our Supreme Court, in a really hot discussion, decided it was okay between consenting male adults and not any business of government. That Texas case initiated the "slippery slope" argument that the decision would inevitably lead to gay marriage. Well, Scalia was right but nobody cares anymore. He also predicted it would ineluctably lead to polygamy and polyandry. He was right about that too. Each is a long-time human practice whose time has finally arrived.

         If you disagree, please tell me who are you to judge?

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