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May 29, 2015



Despite the ranting of some journalists turned pundits, there is no "hate speech" exception under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, "hate speech" doesn't exist as a legally defined form of speech. It is a term used by demagogues, politicians and journalists to seduce, control and incite their masses of low information followers. It is a term of those invidious arts, not of law. 

Ideas, i.e., speech, that people dislike or disagree with, are rarely suppressed under the 1st Amendment. After all, those old, white, male revolutionaries who wrote the Amendments had just won a war against the world's largest empire so that they could worship and speak as they pleased without hectoring from the Crown. They were an unlikely group to permit their new government a subjective means of determining their ability to speak freely.

When you read or hear someone raise the hate speech term in an article or debate, just remember (s)he isn't too smart and probably doesn't think you're too smart either. We Americans are free to say what we think or please which truth most hate speech demagogues would love to change dramatically. They want to speak and spread their ideas, hateful or not, but have little interest in letting you speak or promote your ideas whatever they are. It is your and my ability to speak freely which is truly what they consider hateful. And that is the goal they seek: to shut you down by their use of their emotional term.


Note who they are. See on which side of the political spectrum they stand. It will always be to the left of center; never to the right. They are the fascists of the day who would be tyrannical if granted political control. Stand right up to them and remember Churchill: Never, never, never give in.

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