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May 25, 2015



          People like Jeb Bush and Hussein Obama are not Americans as are you and I. The former lives a Mexican life-style, speaking Spanish at home, with his Mexican wife whose English is poor after decades of marriage and her privileged life in the United States. He prefers to live in a Latin enclave in Miami, Cuba; believes that illegal aliens should have the easy ability to become American citizens and that millions more should be welcomed into our land of the free. Hussein spent much of his youth in a foreign country; was raised by a communist mother and, in his own words, intends to fundamentally transform America. His best friends are fellow-communists and terrorists, such as Bill Ayers, an unrepentant criminal, and a foul-mouthed preacher named Wright. Both men's life-style and words tell you what they are not: normal Americans. They are unAmericans. Much more important is that they want to impose their unAmerican life-style on you, me and the rest of America, changing it forever into some 3rd world hell-hole like Detroit and the multiple barrios now infecting many of our country's cities. 

          It is past time to tell the Bush clan and their "ruling class" ilk to go to Mexico. Get out of America unless you want to act like an American, think of America first and Mexico later, if at all. Take all your illegal aliens and their progeny with you while you're leaving. Drop several million off at Vatican City for the Latin American Pope to feed, clothe, house, educate and support. They are his people as Eric Holder has laid claim to his people who do not include you or me. Each should care for his own and not try to palm them off on you and me with pretty words.

          As for Obama, the leading representative of America's criminal class, he should first transform his, Holder's, Sharpton's and Wright's people into law-abiding, working Americans. After that, they may have some basis for talking about what else they want to transform. Right now, they haven't their own people's house in order which should be the basic prerequisite for presuming to change yours or mine.

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