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May 22, 2015



    "Gay marriage", an oxymoron to many, is driven by cadres of social justice warriors who think the dominant American and Western cultures are evil. SJWs seek to discredit, disgrace and destroy the traditional, conservative culture and its established structures within which they, ironically, are free to so act. Within other cultures in this world, they would be long dead were they to even attempt such overthrows. The "gay marriage" bandwagon is about to be boarded again by our Supreme Court. Even Ireland appears to be about to embrace it. The clamor over this issue, which affects so few people, is less about the issue and more about the progressive left tearing down the traditions that once underpinned our country and served it and the world so well.

    The witch-hunt for bakers who refused to provide "gay marriage" cakes was surely not about civil rights so much as it was to demonstrate power over the culture and impose the SJW's  ideology on Americans and American life. Bakers are not the last group to be so terrorized; they are close to the first. What happens when, say, a Catholic priest refuses to "marry" Francis and Benedict? Or do the SJWs rule over our world? There is a way to fight that inevitable fight and those clergy who care should start to prepare for it now. What, though, could they do?

    First, all caring clergy should immediately resign from their civil authority to marry people. Marriage is a civil contract and the clergy act in that civil capacity when they officiate at a marriage ceremony. Let marriage be exactly and only that: a civil ceremony. A soulless, joyless, uncelebrated, ministerial act between two contracting parties, by some anonymous government official in a government office. Caring clergy then may conduct a religious celebratory ceremony, which could not possibly be a marriage, but a religious ceremony only, in accordance with the tenets of the clergyman's particular religion one of which would be that such religious ceremonies could only be between a man and a woman who have previously been married in a valid civil capacity. Such would be the free exercise of that clergyman's particular religious belief and nothing more.

     Bakers and any other business or profession could aver that they do not serve the marriage ceremonies of anyone whether two males, two females or one of each. Thus, they are not discriminating on the basis of sex when they decline to serve at a "gay marriage" event. That they do serve some religious ceremonies in accordance with their faith is surely permissible as it the free exercise of their particular religious beliefs and not discrimination on the basis of sex or anything else. A "gay church" could not demand service as the server is not a member and cannot celebrate other religious beliefs in order to remain true to her own. Let's see what the SJWs do with that.

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