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April 30, 2015


          Mrs. William Clinton, former Secretary of State, improperly avoided her department's secure email system and set up her own in the basement of her home. Her responses to questions about this impropriety were laughed at by virtually all. Some, however, were astounded by the unreported results of her treasonous conduct.


             There is little to no doubt that foreign governments were able to hack into Mrs. Clinton's personal email server and read every email to her and from her, both personal and diplomatic. That trove of inside information made American diplomacy that much more difficult as the other nations were always privy to America's plans and negotiating limits.


           The recklessness of Mrs. Clinton's behavior is unimaginable. The mainstream media's lack of follow-up interest is further proof of their being operatives of the Democrat Party, not members of the Woodward and Bernstein press. Any Republican doing the same would be relentlessly questioned and editorially destroyed on the subject. And rightly so. Mrs. Clinton skates, unruffled by her treason, which is what it was. While not the sharpest of minds, Mrs. Clinton is not stupid. She knew she was wrong from the start and either dismissed the risk of being hacked or never considered it. Either way, a person of that mind and with those characteristics is not merely unqualified to be President, she is unfit.

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