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May 16, 2015



          Jeb Bush was being interviewed on Fox News by Megyn Kelly who asked whether, knowing what he now knows about Iraq, would he have gone forward as did hisbrother. Yes, he said thus conclusively demonstrating that foot-in-mouth disease is hereditary from father to sons. Since the interview, Bush has mentally milled about, amending his response several times as the vultures circle his political carcass.

          It is clearly true that Bush should have anticipated that question in his prepping for the primary campaign. It was an obvious question for an interviewer to pose. He failed to do so showing that he is about as bright as his father and brother. What should he have said? Any of a number of responses would have worked. He could have said that is a highly speculative question as it assumes that only one critical fact changes which is most unlikely and thus the question is fundamentally unanswerable. To which he could have added that, while at the time, he was not in national office, Mrs. Clinton and John Kerry were then both U.S. Senators who voted approvingly for Bush 2's Iraq war. Perhaps you should ask them the question.

          What you saw was a man who alleges to be of presidential caliber, flummoxed by a simple question for which he should have been well prepared in advance. Bush demonstrated he lacks sufficient thoughtfulness of preparation as well as the mental agility to deal with the unexpected. Real world leaders such as Putin, the Mullahs or Xi would have him for lunch.

          We have written several times that the best way for us to have dealt with Saddam Hussein was to make a deal with him for cheap oil in return for our support of his government with the understanding that he would gradually introduce democratic principles over the years. If that wouldn't work, he should have been told he would be totally destroyed if we traced any terrorism to him. Were those perfect answers? No, but any was better than losing thousands of young American lives and squandering trillions of dollars as happened under Bush and Obama.

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