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April 12, 2015



          By this time, most sentient Americans know that the Rolling  Stone magazine story, written by a female named Sabrina Erdely  was another "journalist" hoaxed because she wanted to believe the  narrative of the tale's teller, one Jackie Coakley, a first class  liar whom most leftish "journalists" yet call a victim; some go  further and call her a survivor.

        Ms. Coakley told Erdely that she had been raped multiple  times by white men at a fraternity party on the campus of the  University of Virginia. Erdely wrote that up and more, in  demonstration of the "rape culture" supposedly rampant in  American universities. In no time at all, it was the biggest  story in the country, Every feminazi and other aggrieved persons  jumped in with their spin of the "story". Except that it all  unraveled in a few days.

          It is also factually true that a woman is far less likely to  be raped on a college campus than off a college campus. But  that's not what you hear. Even Hussein Obama quoted the totally  false statistic that 1 of 5 college females is raped. We do not  have a rape culture, we have zealots who pose as reporters or journalists, each hoping to become Woodward or Bernstein. 

           It is beyond question that Coakley's story was a total lie.  It is also beyond question that all the "journalists" refuse to  admit that simple truth claiming that "something" happened to  poor Jackie. Well, that part's true: what happened to her was  that the liar got caught. 

         Still, a fat fool named Sullivan runs the university and  sanctioned the fraternity by immediately shutting it down. She  refuses to re-open it and has failed to apologize in any way. The  directors ought to fire her flabby self, saving $645,000 a year  in salary plus perks galore. (If you want to know why college  costs are astronomical, salaries like that for pencil pushing is  one major reason.)

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