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April 20, 2015



           What to do about the illegal aliens? It isn't really difficult to figure out but the politicians are afraid to commit to specifics other than amorphous pathways to citizenship, come out from the shadows, reform the broken system, secure the border and more such pap.


              Let's sort it out.


          We have an immigration system which has been created over the years by Congress, based on information from citizens, lobbyists and employees of the immigration service. The problems with the system are more form than substance; more bureaucracy than the rules and more misallocation of discretion than reasonable. 


            Let's start with a no-brainer. Accepting that illegal aliens create a problem, let us minimize any future problem and lock down our borders as tightly as possible. Anybody caught sneaking in is photographed, fingerprinted and DNA recorded so that, under no future circumstance, may they ever be permitted legal entry.


           If caught more than once, they serve 5 years in a federal prison prior to return to their home country. That will minimize future problems with illegals. So would shoot to kill orders but we are too PC chicken to issue them. Children should be returned at once to their home country's capital city so as not to expose them to coyote revenge or exactions. Nobody has a right to enter any sovereign nation without following that nation's rules. Try living in Mexico as an illegal; see what they do to you. Or Japan, Australia or The Vatican.


          No-brainer II is that the "pathway to citizenship" should be rerouted so that the best an illegal can hope for is a pathway to a pink card. A pink card is a green card with conditions such as no felonies, no welfare and pay your taxes. By eliminating the citizenship element, the entire rationale of future voting for illegals simply does not exist. Any politician arguing against this point shows his belief that illegals will vote in a certain way. It also denies others the argument of that real concern of illegals voting for more illegals or more benefits for illegals.


          Personally, like President Eisenhower, I would prefer to roust and return all illegals, including their children who were born here. Is that harsh on those children? Yes but the illegal conduct of parents is always harsh on their children. Check visiting day at your local prison. And, of course, our "broken system" covers this point. Those children have the right to return at 18 and, at 21, they may start the family reunification process. I doubt any politician has the guts to stand up for a modern version of Ike's "Operation Wetback" to actively find and deport illegals. This is the next best thing.

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