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April 11, 2015


            It is not news that California suffers from a 4-year drought  and that its governor, the 76-year old Moonbeam Man of yore, has  promulgated rules cutting back on usage by citizens with lawns  and pools as well as governments having median strips and lawns  around City Hall. A recent Wall Street Journal editorial declares  that the water shortage results from the green nature of Northern  California politics which, for years, allowed fresh water in the  millions of acre feet to run out to sea in order to save smelts,  salmon and critters other than the people who now must take short  showers and live with brown grass.


          Doubtless the Journal has a  point but not the critical point which is that Jerry Brown and  his fellow Democrat office-holders in Sacramento are the  architects of the shortage. In truth, all prior governors and  legislators, Democrat or other, are to blame. As usual, all  government can do long-term is to provide themselves with fat  pensions for a slender amount of results.


         California's climate and geography are not secret. The North  receives significantly more rain and snow than the South which is  a natural desert. The Sierra Nevada mountains divide the state  North and South holding back rain and snow from falling on the  inland side resulting in another major desert area. That inland  side is where California's crops are grown based on water from  the North brought into it by man-made methods. Scores of years  ago, dams, reservoirs and aqueducts were constructed  in order  to compensate for these divisions. But nothing has been built in  decades, irrespective of the state's immense population of some  40 million people and agricultures growth into California's major  business.  


          The obvious question is "Why not?" The obvious answer is  because people like Governor Brown failed to act. Most articles  on this subject correctly state that California has a history of  droughts, some lasting for generations. That is no secret and  never has been. The state government has something called a water  resources board headed by a guy named Corwin. He's worked there  since 1981, the year after he graduated from Stanford University.  That's 35 years of being a government employee; never had another  job. You would think he would have learned but you would be  wrong. None of them has. And that is why California has a water  problem today.  


         What then should be done? Brown's answer is surely necessary  given the circumstances he and others have permitted to create  the shortage. But there are other steps which must be taken or  California will become Nature's whipping boy, forever suffering  from the unpredictable cycle of rain and no rain. Despite the  necessity, you cannot find serious discussion of them in any  media. Not in the L.A. Times; not in the San Francisco Chronicle  and especially not in the Sacramento Bee. Little to nothing is  heard from our state's female trifecta in Congress either.  Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer are silent on this question. There  are no plans to build more waterways or to buy water from Oregon  until new infrastructure is in place. No desalinization is  planned and absolutely no thoughts at all about returning the  millions of thirsty illegal aliens to their native countries.  That, by the way, is the fastest way to cut back on water usage  as well as to relieve the housing pressure which has raised rents  for all.  


        The water shortage has been created by politicians. It can  only be fixed by politicians; new politicians that is. That  likely means that, absent Nature's sending rain and snow in  record amounts this Fall and Winter, California is in this for  years to come as no amount of cutback will cure the problem.

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