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September 9, 2015


          The current invasion of Europe by a unique polyglot of Syrians and God knows what else has the potential of being beneficial to the United States. It seems to me that once the number of Muslims in Europe reaches a tipping point, the Euros will see the effects on their lives and decide to opt out.   Those white Europeans who will be displaced economically and politically will look for someplace to go. Their best bet is the United States and, unlike people from much of the world, European Union passport holders do not need a visa to visit the U.S. They just show up at JFK, Dulles or wherever, show their Euro passport and walk in under the visa waiver program. While the State Department could suspend the program country by country as it did for Argentina in 2004, it is unlikely to do so for Germany, France and countries with so many and so varied attachments to America.

          Once here, an application for asylum is simple to file and can take five or more years to wend its way through the immigration system of interviews, trials and appeals. An anchor baby or two would also help and remember, we're talking about white Europeans who are as capable of gaming our immigration system as the Chinese and Latins. The same arguments that work for Asians would work for the Euros as would those which work for Hispanic illegal aliens.

          Maybe we should cheer the Muslim invasion on so as to improve the chances of this happening. It would be very interesting to see the progressives tie themselves into new logical knots to oppose any whitening of America. We, on the other hand, would gain more than population.


September 7, 2015


           The well-known lament of the serpent's tooth is apt in America's racial and illegal alien politics and, methinks, the singular cause of the issues as perceived by white Americans. It undergirds the popularity of Messrs. Sanders and Trump animating their followers. In short, those folks no longer accept that the problems of black Americans or Mexican illegal aliens result from the bias or conduct of white Americans. They see affirmative actions, food stamps, welfare, free education, housing subsidies and amnesty for which they pay and, in many instances, from which their children suffer, as the most generous acts of kindness ever offered to others in the history of the world. No other people, especially the supposedly privileged, has ever been so uniformly kind, welcoming and sharing of their wealth and country. In return, they are harshly criticized by their alleged victims, their vicious and racist promoters and many of their elected officials from the top down. Even as Pope Dope demands ever more from the caucasians of Europe and America note well that he gives nothing from the Vatican's billions; nothing at all.

          Like Lear, white Americans have had it up to their eyeballs with the race and immigration hustlers: the Sharptons and the Ramos type of racist demagogues. The ingratitude of those who benefit from white largesse - and that is exactly what it is - has finally reached the point where whites are saying: No mas. They see and hear protests and complaints but never does an illegal return to Mexico or wherever. Blacks are forever suffering from slavery's impact even though that war ended 150 years ago and at the cost of 600,000 white lives to free black slaves. That blacks have failed as a group is blamed on whites, never on blacks. That 25 to 30 million illegal Mexicans live in America as if it were Mexico never concerns those invaders or their treasonous business and political promoters.

         The sharp tooth of this ingratitude has finally bitten too far. The free riders now need to get off the American bus and trudge back to their beloved homeland paradise. Go back to the charming life you had in Mexico; to the culture you want to impose here; to the jungles; to the lands of Mohammed with all your non-infidel compatriots. Go. Get out of this America of racism; white people who want to kill you; Christians who want to dishonor the Prophet; all with special privileges to which you cannot reach.

          Somehow, they never seem to return to their beloved, native homeland. And, so long as the free lunch continues, they won't.


September 6, 2015


          The atheists and the media are at it again: misdirecting stories. In plain English, lying or obscuring the facts. The woman in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses for gay "marriages" is now in jail for exercising the same rights regularly granted to others. Christians seem to always get the short end of the stick. For example, Muslim truck drivers are excused from delivering alcohol and Muslim stewardesses are not required to serve alcohol in flight.

          In fact, Kim Davis, the elected official has a reasonable case once you look at what she asks. First, she is NOT against issuing gay marriage licenses. She IS against those licenses having her name on them. She asks that licenses have her title on them but not her name. Her name on the license is what goes against her religious principles. Kentucky has a Religious Freedom Restoration Act as do many states and to remove her name and replace it with her title is surely not an undue burden to the state of Kentucky or the county in which she works. Were she a Muslim, people would scurry to accept that simple task but, because she is Christian, even though a Democrat, she is imprisoned. Imprisoned! And where is the outcry in her favor? Nowhere. Because you see, she is a white Christian and therefore not a good person.

          I think Ms. Davis will prevail in her suit against the state but, in the meantime, the progs are in full hue and cry over a Christian who won't issue a marriage license.  Even more, remember some years back when elected officials, in full disobedience to the then existing law, issued marriage licenses to same sex couples? Gavin Newsome, then San Francisco's mayor, now California's Lt. Governor, was a key figure in that. Jerry brown himself, while Attorney general of California, refused to enforce the marriage is between a man and a woman law. All disobedient officials  were lauded for their courage by the gay activists now demanding Ms. Davis' head on a platter. Progs and liberals are such hypocrites. But Mrs. Clinton can lie all day every day and they lick her boots. It is so transparent as well as emblematic. It's a perfect example of why Trump is a powerful pull to voters. They are tired of this crap and he speaks for them. Nobody else does. Lindsay Graham anyone?

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