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January 14, 2017


          Next Friday is Inauguration Day in D.C. and we shall see if law enforcement, the National Guard and our military have found their cojones to sufficiently disrupt those who intentionally plan to turn the peaceful transfer of power into any chaos they can create. These people have bared their plans to the public and media at large, making no bones about their objectives and means to those ends.


         In watching most of these "protests", I am always struck by the lack of force demonstrated by the police and other protectors of the public. Rare is the wielded billy club. Occasional is a water cannon and rare is the cavalry. Worse, to me, is that the handful who are actually arrested usually spend the night in the tank with their fellow rioters and are then sent home without arraignment or prosecution. Such weakness on the part of the courts and politicians begets more riots and criminal conduct along with less respect for the law and law officers.


          What is needed is for the law and order side to tener cojones and get realistic about their work. Split skulls, stiff fines and long sentences will quell these riots. The progs will scream "Fascist!" but that is what progs and professors always do. Hurl insults, rocks, disrupt other people's rights but then whine about their rights being trampled when law and order are imposed on them. They've gotten away with it for decades as the MSM has been on their side. Now, with the MSM marginalized by the Trump, it's possible for the tide to change.


         Methinks DC's version of the National Guard is under the direct supervision of the President. The military surely is. What Trump could do is issue a set of rules of engagement effective immediately following his swearing which rules order the troops to simply use maximum force and arrest to maintain order without exception. Fracture a few skulls and silence will reign.


         Let's see law and order from minutes one. You will soon see these escapades simmer down all over the country as the snowflakes retreat to their safer spaces on that day and in those to come. You simply have to grow a pair.


January 2, 2017



            Having missed two religious appearances, Queen Elizabeth is likely suffering from more than a "heavy cold" and so we ask that God saves her even though her life and that of her husband, Prince Phillip, have been long. They have lived public lives of royal quality, inspirational for their subjects and untainted from the usual sordid scandals of those with wealth and power. These 90ish monarchs have blended duty, honor and country well with dignity, family and tradition.


            God Save the Queen!  Please.



December 29, 2016


            It's Obama, not Trump, who is an illegitimate president. Really. When Obama's father married Obama's mother, he was already married, with two children, all living in his home country of Kenya. Thus, he committed the crime of bigamy by marrying in  Hawaii. Not only is bigamy a crime in every state,  it renders the second "marriage" void. Obama was born out of wedlock which means he was an illegitimate child and is illegitimate yet, even though president as well.


               Given his most recent anti-semitic conduct at the United Nations, he is true bastard. Some things never change.


December 24, 2016


          We're beginning to talk like Trump but it is still true that we warned as to Obama's being Islamic and not  Christian. Witness his "backstabbing of Israel " at the U. N. yesterday by abstaining from vetoing the resolution concerning the status of Jerusalem.


              Obama doesn't need Jewish money or votes anymore so he doesn't much care about exhibiting his full contempt for both and Israel itself. His financial future is assured and he will likely be with us for 40 more years, living well on his pension and profits, perpetually secure with the Secret Service and incredible healthcare not provided by Obamacare but through the special medical services  politicians provide for themselves while denying it to you.


              Why else would he permit the entry of all the Muslims and zero Christians from Syria and that sad region?


              Why else would he give Iran nuclear free reign PLUS $150 BILLION, lift sanctions against it and the TPP trade deal?


              Why else would he and his wife denigrate America world-wide and kow-tow to foreign leaders?


             Why else would he have sat in Jeremiah Wright' s pews for 20 years and have life-long "friends" like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres?


             Because he is not a Christian or a Christian sympathizer " He is a believer in Islam.


             And he' s not. much of an American either whether he was born in Hawaii or not.

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